Why 'more or less stopped using ISO'?

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Re: Maybe this will help.

Subjective absolute You do not know brightness, you can only say which one is brighter. Forget absolute.

Subjective absolute....Forget absolute. Hmmm?

Sorry to have corrected "the corrector."

Here's a quote from Fairchild's Color Appearance Models that might help those who find this to be confusing (not you, Iliah!)

After presenting definitions of Brightness and Lightness in the same terms as the CIE, he says,

"The definitions of brightness and lightness are straightforward and rather intuitive. The important distinction is that brightness refers to the absolute level of perception, while lightness can be thought of as relative brightness, normalized for changes in the illumination and viewing conditions.

"A classic example is to think about a piece of paper, such as this book page. If this page was viewed in a typical office environment, the paper would have some brightness and a fairly high lightness (perhaps it is the lightest stimulus in the field of vision and therefore white). If the book was viewed outside on a sunny summer day, there would be significantly more energy reflected from the page and the paper would appear brighter. However, the paper would still likely be the lightest stimulus in the field of vision and so would retain its high lightness, approximately the same lightness it exhibited in the office illumination. In other words, the paper still appears white, even though it is brighter outdoors..."

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