Photography vs console video games: The better long term investment?

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Re: Photography vs console video games: The better long term investment?

Cameranoobie wrote:

Which do you think is the better long term investment with the bigger payoff and why?


For example, over the past two years, Ive much more physically active and spend a lot of time in the gym now. The biggest reason for this? Simply put, the long term payoff. You feel better mentally and physically, and also look better mentally and physically. I cant say that video games has anything even remotely close to this kind of payoff long term.


And that leads me to photography, aside from me DO having an interest in it, I feel it is a more beneficial long term hobby with more positive rewards. It also, lets you see how beautiful life really is. You get to interact with a whole new world of people, and what their style is, preferences etc. Personally, I find it very fascinating learning about others styles.

1) You're over thinking this.  The reason that video games had no payoff for you isn't because they suck but because you obsessed over them and did it solo.  Having some buds over for beers and video games would have "payoff" if that's what you were looking for in a hobby.

2) One simplistic answer is:  If you're single then the hobby with the best "long term payoff" is the one you enjoy that is most likely to get you laid and/or married (Note: not likely to be video gaming).  If you're married with out kids the best hobby is the one you most enjoy and can you share with your wife.  If you're married with kids the best hobby is one where you most enjoy and can share with your kids (and wife).

If you have a passion for pretty much any hobby you can share with your kid with the same passion the payoff is huge.  Photography, video games, stamp collecting, running, cars, football, whatever.  Same for whatever life partner you have if you want to make it past the X year mark (1, 3, 10, 20) where folks sometimes will bail because of lack of common interests and "growing apart".

The most simplest answer is the hobby that makes you the happiest while not short changing the rest of your life.

3) Have passion, not obsession.  Being obsessive about the gym isn't that much healthier than having an obsession with video games.

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