D600 / D610 - A camera for the masses

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Re: D600 / D610 - A camera for the masses

T O Shooter wrote:

Can't get into replying to the troll.

Thing is a D610 is a camera for the masses. Same as the VW bug was in it's day, a 6 cyl Mustang as opposed to a V8, a 600cc snowmobile.

They are not meant to be the best of anything. Just an affordable option for those that can't / won't spend the money on the top tier ones, or don't need the feature set of them. Same goes for household appliances, furniture, computers, clothing, and just about anything else you can buy.

Affordable, reasonable amount of features, never top of the line. Nothing wrong with that. And a perfect camera for those whose requirements match the features offered. High enough mp for most, good DR, light weight, U1 and U2 modes, reasonable AF.

Hardly required a thread insulting those that bought it.

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Photography - I do it for passion, not for a buck! It's just better that way.

For myself I couldn't care less whether the D600/D610 are cameras for the masses as long as they're good. Looking at dxomark shows the D610 to be the equal of any other dslr in the most important IQ parameters. Where it sacrifices to more expensive models is in areas such as ultimate auto-focus, and build quality, neither of which mean a rats rear to me. The camera will be obsolete long before any of that is relevant. I was one who use too buy only top end models until it occurred to me that digital changes so quickly that the bullet proof brick you buy today will be inferior to a cheaper model in two years or less. If you're a working pro, and need bullet proof construction because you hammer nails with your camera, or need the best auto-focus performance because of the kind of photography you do, then by all means get a D800, or D4 etc. In pure IQ terms though the D600/D610 is every bit as good, and better than those other cameras, and for my type of photography that's all that matters.

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