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Re: darn - one more

JeffAHayes wrote:

Perhaps not. Perhaps it just NEEDS TO TAKE THE WORD "REVIEW" OUT OF IT'S NAME!!!

Jeff, no need to shout.  We're all adults here.

DPR still does a number of reviews.  What has changed is the proliferation of equipment.  8 years ago when the manufacturers had just 3 or 4 DSLRs it was easier to review all of them.

How much do you pay to be a member here?

And yet, you seem to believe DPR should magically be able to increase staff so they can review every camera produced?

If they removed "Review" from their name - would that make you less angry (I assume anger because of your shout and exclamation marks)?

So, if you don't believe DPR is singling out Pentax to be biased against, what would you propose they do differently in prioritizing reviews?  Besides the obvious answer of reviewing the K3.  If there are say 100 different cameras to review and they only have staff to review 20 of them, how would YOU propose they decide which 20 and in which order to review them?

Let's have your criteria and see if other members find it more valid than DPRs approach.  Here's a hint - if your solution doesn't include their camera then there will be people that are unhappy.

And, please, for the sake of argument, please assume that hiring more staff is not viable for purposes of this discussion.

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