EM5 outdated tech

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Not even Oly considers it outdated...

For the simple reason that it is a terrific tool in the hands of a photographer.

String wrote:

Terry Breedlove wrote:

So where then is focus peaking, wifi, and the latest firmware that works to make our lenses that much better. I hear my favorite lens on my EM-5 the 17mm f1.8 performs much better on the EM-1 and 10 because of it. Must have been buried in the menus somewhere huh.

I guess if you need those features you're then better off spending more money and taking a hit on your EM-5. For me, I think weather sealing and 5 axis IBIS are much better options than focus peaking/wifi. I would have considered a EM-1 however they added the small focus box to the EM-5 with the last update and that was my only complaint with the EM-5.

Money is probably better spent on quality glass than "the latest & greatest" but hey, its your money!

Indeed. There is a terrific list of inane posts like this that point to the OPs being simply  consumers mad with GAS.

A camera company is delighted with those because it can sell them what it wants. However when the need for money is assuaged, it remember it has another kind of customers that are photographers and it makes firmware upgrades. Thus a splendid camera lives on and on


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