D700 amateur user wonders why D4s has no built in flash

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Re: Real men don't need pop up flash attitude

whoosh1 wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

whoosh1 wrote:

Shouldn't hurt to have it - even if its rarely used.

Yes it does hurt. It adds bulk which interferes with bellows, and some tilt-shift lenses. I hate having a pop-up flash on the D800E. It has caused me problems with a number of macro setups.

OK - good for you that your D4 does not have it (not that I understand how the small flash can be really so interfering).

What D4? I have a D800E as I said.

Try using a Rokinon 24mm tilt-shift lens. Try mounting a Nikon PB-4 Bellows. Because the pop-up flash hangs out further over the lens mount, it requires more space before it can be mounted on a view camera for macro or for stitched landscapes.

D800E mounted on a Zone VI view camera

Three images shot with above setup and stitched together, 210mm lens

If the flash didn't stick out so far I could use wider lenses and still reach infinity focus.

A pop-up flash is also rather fragile. Top-end Nikons are made to be rugged for heavy professional use. They get hauled through the Amazon jungle, jostled along the sidelines of a football field, carried through war zones, etc. There is no way that an active pro would want a toy flash that would easily break off.

So what if it breaks - you are not using it.

That's about the dumbest thing I've heard this year.

Aesthetically, on camera flash is about the worst lighting you can use for people. It is just about useless as a light source to a serious pro.

Mostly agree & never use it on my D800E (and D800) - but I have no issues that it is present. I did not miss it when I had a D3s.

However most D* owners seem to have the attitude that having it will make this a less pro camera - hence Nikon does not include it I guess. Instead of wanting to not have it - the D* owners should really be asking for a more useable version of a pop-up flash (may be adjustable angle when raised). But since users don't complain Nikon will never put it.

You seem to have quite an attitude about it. You think because you want it for family snapshots that it should be on pro cameras, and other's are snobs because they find it worse than useless. Maybe they aren't the ones who are snobs.

Why do you assume that I want it for family snapshots? Rather presumptuous - since you don't know me. As I said I don't use it but I have no issues that its there on my D800E. However my point is why doesn't Nikon make it useful? Wouldn't you like it if they actually were able to innovate and make it useful?

"I use D700 for family photos." was the first thing you said in the OP.

How would Nikon make it useful to pros and serious amateurs? You have to move the flash significantly off camera to avoid the problems with on-camera flash. How would you make it:

  • Provide lighting usable to a pro or serious amateur?
  • Small enough not to interfere with the lens mount?
  • Strong enough to withstand challenging field work?
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