Am I wrong? A6000 just a NEX 7 with a composite body and no tri navi

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Re: Am I wrong? A6000 just a NEX 7 with a composite body and no tri navi

mike geier wrote:

so, its a cheaped down NEX 7 with an updated sensor.

First question is: Will there be a separate successor for the Nex 7 (so a E-mount, APS-c, brickstled camera with tri-navi and a hig res sensor, with all metal body, at a price of about $1200 at launch?

First Answer: Only Sony knows. Maybe there will come a FF camera like the Nex 7(bricktype, all metal, tri-navi) at about $1200 at launch. For some that will be the dream successor of the Nex 7, for others that will be not, as they want a APS camera.

Then the question of the cheaped down Nex 7, well we can tell that in many ways the A6000 looks like a more featured/updated Nex 6. Why? It has the same buttin and dials as the Nex 6, it has all the features of the Nex 6, but with added:

Fast focus, better menu, 24 MP sensor, and maybe some minor FW updates.

But when you like to compare it with the Nex 7 then it still adds the nice features you see with the Nex 6 but adds also: Wifi, APPs, NFC, Standard hotshoe with accessory ports, better low light, etc.

It takes away the tri navi (replace it with a mode dial (some will tell that the mode dial is an important upgrade) and maybe some metal out of the body... Is that a cheaped down camera? I don't know, you get a lot of extra...

The only thing that  realy is cheaped down is the price of the camera, it only costs $800 with kit lens, the Nex 7 was body only a lot more expensive, so here you are rigth it is Cheaped down

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