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Re: Wifi with any camera

The key element in WiFi in E-M1 is not that you can transfer photos to smartphone or tablet because the WiFi doesn't offer tethering mode or uploading automatically photos like Eye-Fi.

The reason for WiFi in E-M1 is the remote control. That you can control your camera with smartphone or tablet trough live view.

It has few flaws what Olympus should fix to make out a great WiFi functionality.

1) Turn rear display off when you connect with a camera.

2) Allow camera shooting with WiFi connected but then disable tablet/smartphone controls (like give a application the switch for it)

3) Allow automatic upload from camera to smartphone/tablet or computer connected to camera (you can set computer to connect the camera and use the camera IP to see web page)

4) Best (if just would be possible) function would be to allow camera to connect to existing network and expose the SDcard as a NAS.

Now if you want to tether shots to computer/tablet/smartphone, you need to use Eye-Fi card. Olympus is not going to allow that because they have deal with Eye-Fi manufacturer.

At least if photographer could use camera and automatically upload photos to tablet, it would be enough for start. As then just pulling tablet from pocket, browse and mark photos in gallery and continue.

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