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Re: Who is at fault for the waxy skin tones?

This area of complaint of the fuji system seems really stupid to me.  As a former professional photographer when I shot film the most I could get was asa 3200 and that was pushing a 1600 asa film.  It was grainy as hell and unless you were shooting bw photography of jazz musicians totally unacceptable.  My first camera digital camera was nikon 3 megapixel that could go up to iso 400 and look pretty good.  Then I had a an olympus e series 4 megapixel and looked pretting good up to iso 400.  In 2007 nobodies camera looked good above iso 1600.  The idea that the judgement of a system is how it shoots portraits at iso 6400 is ludicrous. Real pros would be using professional lighting at these extremes.  Process RAW if a jpeg is unpleasing. BTW Nikon and Cannon do not have great jpegs at 6400.  Even now I only go up to 1600 in portaits on any system.  The idea that shots should look great at super iso without post processing is absurd and should no way reflect on Fujis system let alone accuse any manufacture of sabotage.  A bunch of pixel peeping, shoot more shots and analyse less

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