Adjusting Shutter on Df

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Re: Adjusting Shutter on Df

going in, i wasn't sure how i'd adapt to the Df's top deck knobs. not coming from an SLR background, it wasn't a case of muscle memory or anything else -- it was kind of a new thing.

in my case, i always shoot in M, and reverse the control wheels, so my aperture is on the back control wheel. the front wheel is okay -- not as hinky as it might seem, but i found myself using the SS knob on top most of the time.

it only locks if you shift to the 1/3 stop setting; then you need to unlock. with auto ISO enabled, the full-stop interval between shutter speeds doesn't really mess with me too much -- and, of course, i can make changes without taking my eye off the viewfinder (seems to be everyone's hangup). if the interval isn't exactly right, i can just adjust aperture a third of a stop by the wheel and just keep going.

what they say about the Df's files SOOC is true. not only are they frequently spot-on right off the muscle, but the smaller file size makes any edits really quick in (my preferred editor) Capture NX2.

i'm still in love with my D800, but with a teeny lens like the 50/2 AI, the Df is a great hit-and-run camera. i'm having great fun with it.

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