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... outdated brain

Terry Breedlove wrote:

I loved my em-5 with 17 mm f 1.8 bẻfore it was stolen a couple weeks ago- I would buy another one in a heart beat accept the technology is getting left behind. Even the new baby OMD EM10 has features its big brother EM5 doesn't. Yet I want the weather sealing of the EM5 so the EM10 isn't for me. Problem is i can't see Oly updating the EM5 with wifi and focus peaking etc until they also have a new imaging chip to put in it. I don't see them doing that until the EM-1 has been out for sometime. Maybe a year or more. I do not want the EM-1 because i can get the same iq with the much cheaper EM-5 plus it is ugly. I don't want the EM-10 because of no weather sealing. Any thoughts on the future of the EM-5 update?

It should have taken you about two seconds to understand there is no weathersealed m4/3rds with focus peaking, wifi and your own mysterious firmware upgrades that isn't also an E-M1 and therefore too expensive or too ugly (your words)

So it seems baffling why you started this thread unless it was just to get attention, maybe some sympathy for giving your camera away to a taxi driver. Your replies show it wasn't to discuss a possible E-M5 upgrade, because that's not what you are talking about here. Go read that rumour site, groundless speculation enjoys itself there.

Read this slowly many times : buy another E-M5 and stop being facetious.

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Cheksa wrote:
You're evil Ulfric.

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