Remeber, Sharpness is not everything !

Started Feb 20, 2014 | Discussions thread
brecklundin Senior Member • Posts: 1,995
Oh, FUN that is one NIFTY lens...collapsible, who knew??

Les Lammers wrote:
I bought a used collapsable 50mm Summicron M about 40 years ago for $80 or so. That particular lens had a special rendering that was unique. I still think about it. Sharpness across the frame is a modern thing and way over rated.

Now that is one I never have seen...really cool looking too.

It's the first one in the series it seems.  Have to wander around looking for shots taken with it.

I think more than a few of us user agree that sharpness is not the ultimate factor in a lens for many needs, it's still a factor none the less....but that depends on needs of the photographer.

It's part of the fun that we have lenses of all sort to satisfy each of us and how we want to play.  

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