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Re: You Are Kidding Me

BillyInya wrote:

I have not shot RAW since 2005 because I have no need to, such is the sublime quality of the Fuji jpegs.

I'm not sure anyone here thinks you've shot jpeg either.

Are people in this thread seriously suggesting with the X-Trans version II we can no longer shoot ISO1600 and above and get the famous Fuji skin tones and sublime true-to-life tonaility and color rendering all of us are use to??

For all the people who have only ever posted photos from DPRs test shot comparisons, ahem*Billy*ahem, and have only ever declared IQ superiority over any and all camera systems including FF based on the amount of noise in comparison images, it is no surprise Fuji has gotten so over the top on the NR. Great to see those same folks leading the charge against the outcome...

And if that's what we want then are people saying we all have to start labouring away for hours and hours and hours handling monsterous file sizes and post processing our brains out in front of a computer? Is that what people are seriously saying?

I process countless raw files per day for work. If you are laboring away for hours and hours then you are doing something wrong.

If it is then wow, talk about going backwards.

Could be time to grab another X-E1 or even hunt around for a good used S5Pro so I can continue to enjoy instantly out of camera what others may have to spend hours upon hours trying to achieve through post processing!!!!!!

Good post processing technique allows you to squeeze every last bit of DR, color, and IQ. Sure, if you don't care about that, then it's perfectly fine to leave some on the table, especially if the photos are for you and not for clients. But I find this attitude odd coming from someone on a march to declare the XE1 superior due to 86K pixels being allocated to PDAF on the new cameras, even when you have already admitted that there is no visible decline in resolution.

Walking, talking contradiction.

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A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. - Sir Winston Churchill

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