What is a 'Pro' Photographer, really?

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Re: What is a 'Pro' Photographer, really?

fredphotog wrote:

The last two replies are both correct, IMO.

Let me ask this (it's a theoretical):

My first gig is shooting a wedding, they pay me $2,000, I supply the work, the check bounces, so did I get paid? Am I a pro? (DON'T LAUGH - I said it was a theoretical!)

Let's say I shoot for a big newspaper full-time, I get paid full-time, but someone else in Podunkville shoots for the local newspaper for the cost of materials, they don't 'profit', are they both 'pros'?

I KNOW this topic will never get a majority agreement, I just wanted to see what folks suggest.

You seem to be obsessed with taking away someone's badge of "Professional" away from them as if it means something, like taking the badge from a Sheriff in the old westerns. If in the end you don't get money for it, then the only reason you'd call yourself a Professional would be to impress people to think you had the ability and were employable. You can be a prolific and competent shooter of anything for your community, but if you don't earn money then there's no point calling yourself a professional. Simple, really.

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