Remeber, Sharpness is not everything !

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I agree...

leopold wrote:
Interesting story, i have some lenses that i really like. My DA14 is a lens that gets so so review for it's corners sharpness/distorsion/field curvature ... call it like you want, but i really like that lens for shooting at it's minimum focusing distance, it really shines there!

I've long had an eye on that lens myself.  And yes it really does get so-so reviews but I've yet to read a comment from anyone who owns and uses it who does not like it.  I seem to remember on issue is flare control but like your use, close in shots, I doubt flare is often an issue.

I had a lens with my Canon gear, a silly plastic-fantastic EFS55-250.  Originally I used it mostly when lugging around the Sigma 150-500 became a chore.  Soon enough that plastic jewel became one of my favorite lenses for anything other than product shooting.  It was sharp enough, had quite nice subject isolation and the newest (at the time) version of Canon's in-lens stabilization.  I only bought it because it was an inexpensive alternative to their great 70-200/4 but when out in good lighting it gave me almost every shot I wanted.  Just had to know when to put it back in the bag once light became too low.

Today all of the lenses in my gear list have times when I've learned to love them so that is when they get used.

The lens I miss most is one I've sold....TWICE...sigh...but the Sigma 24-60/2.8 for some reason is one of my all time favorite zooms.  I enjoyed it even more on my K20D than Canon gear.  I can envision pairing it with the pending 18-35/1.8 quite nicely.  I think I can get my old Pentax copy back as it's not being used at all but don't want to insult the owner as the price has gone down a bunch.

Right now, I torn about using zooms again...I like that my primes make me think more (see another often neglected factor for a lens...framing, especially in relation to how you are using the beastie...)

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