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Sal Baker wrote:

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mistermejia wrote:

Is it Fuji itself ?? Or could this be a SABOTAGE thing from the sensor maker itself??

It is in the processing. I believe that, in an attempt to win the more tangible battle, showing less noise at higher ISO, aggressive NR and processing is causing this issue. So many consumers these days equate lack of noise to low light IQ, because it is tangible and can be seen easily, that they forget the other, and some times more important aspects of low light IQ, like texture and detail retention. Fuji is smart here. They know who they are catering to and so they pull their own special wool sheet.

Does Fuji actually make this sensors, or do they buy them from Sony or someone else?

They buy them from Sony.

I am just curious because i CAN'T believe that the jpegs are changing so much with the new sensors, i couldn't possibly believe that Fuji is just bypassing or ignoring this skin tone issue.

I doubt they are ignoring it, but there is only so much they can do before they introduce noise back not the photo, which is fine in my opinion, but then it will effect all the people who only ever post DPR high ISO sample comparison shots to declare Fuji the noiseless low light king.

I just moved from nikon to get away from plastic looking skin tones, and Fuji's new cameras are all coming out like this now??? I don't get it.

For the life of me I can't understand people wanting a serious system camera and all the fixings just to shoot jpeg, but to each their own. Mix poor light, high ISO, and bad WB settings, then demand a SOOC jpeg, and that is what you may get.

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A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. - Sir Winston Churchill

I probably started "hearing" about this Xtrans cameras around two years ago. I was not into them at all. All i would "hear" is this "awesome jpeg performance". So i said to myself yeah why not! If i don't HAVE to shoot RAW all the time that would be great! Fantastic jpegs out of the camera, yeah why not i said!

So i went and bought my very little X10 and took it to my vacation trip to Guatemala last november, and shot jpeg all the way. That changed my life and thoughts about this compact size bodies

Under certain scenarios or whenever i feel like it, I shoot RAW, but I didn't move to Fuji to shoot raw ALL THE TIME

You don't have to shoot RAW all the time with the Fuji, unless you shoot JPEG portraits at ISO 6400 all the time. I'm sure there are indeed cameras better suited for that if you don't like the X-E1.


The waxy effect is visible at ISO 800 and above under some lighting conditions, more so when the exposure is slightly out or light conditions are extreme, I've taken photos with the X100s in large indoor areas that are well and evenly lit  at ISO 1600 and 3200 and there has been no trace of waxy skin but I have shot outside at ISO 800 and peoples skin has the waxy effect although this is more conman when the person has dark/er skin.

I only shoot in Raw and used Photo Ninja to PP.

The issue is obviously caused by the heavy handed inbuilt NR which is also applied to the Raw files.

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