Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

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Re: Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

maxotics, Huh? What?

What does D600 and Canon M (and speculation on buyers' age) have anything to do with OP's question on D800E and 5D Mark 3?

maxotics wrote:

I bought a D600 used, on a lark, planning to sell soon. I still have it. I had wanted to buy a Canon 6D, but the D600 owner (who was only selling because camera was too big for his needs) said the Nikon is much sturdier. He is right on that, compared to 6D. Anyway, to answer your question.

Nikon, IMHO, has made a huge blunder in not allowing their cameras to be hacked like the Canons. a Canon 5D3, through the Magic Lantern hack, can do things most cameras can't. Its video RAW is simply jaw-dropping good. So Canons have a lot of momentum with the younger generation. Nikon is still living on past glory and their choice (which has a lot going for it) of allowing their old lenses to work on their cameras. That isn't to say Nikons are not good cameras, or are not better in certain respect to Canons, only that, as another poster said, Canon markets cameras, and handles PR, a lot better than Nikon.

My guess is that most Nikon buyers are middle-aged and most Canon buyers are young. I don't see a good future for Nikon because they seem to innovate almost nothing lately. Canon and Sony take new camera development very seriously--or at least it appears so. And Panasonic and Olympus are not dead either. Then there is Sigma Foveon (which I personally love) and who knows what might come out of Blackmagic if they cross-over to photo.

As a straight out stills camera, I would give the edge to Nikon, based on my limited experience. But it is a very small edge in raw image quality. Also, I like using older Nikon glass. Nikon focuses on still photography. Again, the D600 has really impressed me.

As many posters intimated, I doubt 99% (including me) would notice any real difference in the cameras. I will say that the D600, because of it's sensor PR nightmare, is a tremendous full-frame deal. The camera is built like a tank. You can almost buy 3 used D600 for the same price as a 5D3. So I like it when a lot of people think one camera is a lot better than another, it often makes the purist's camera cheap!

Ironically, this has also happened to Canon. The EOS-M is an incredible mirror-less camera which Canon is pretty much selling for nothing now.

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