D700 amateur user wonders why D4s has no built in flash

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Re: D700 amateur user wonders why D4s has no built in flash

KennethKwok wrote:

I use D700 for family photos.

I regret that I did not buy the D800 due to the initial bugs. That's despite that I don't use the left outermost AF all the time. Now, D800 is about 2 years, and it seems a bit late to get it.

Work has been fine, and I wanted to award myself. I always wonder about the D3, D4 series.
A lot say Professional is different. A lot says D3 is a different beast to D700 in terms of AF, etc. They say I bought a DATSUN (D700), and thought it was a Ferrari (D3). In a way, people pay so much more for D3. There should be reasons.

Some say D700 and D3 AF are the same.

What I do not accept is no built in flash in D3 / D4.

A D3 user said he has a SB-400 permanently attached.

I thought about that.... But that makes a big D4s bigger. And I think a D700 with built in flash

is more sturdy than a SB400 on D3. And need to take the SB400 on and off the D3.... unless

the camera bag is so huge to accommodate the D3 + SB400 + Lens.

That's when my mobile phone has a useful LED Flash (for torch, and for photos)

How can I tell myself that this HIGH END professional camera D4s has less than Samsung Mobile phone? Fill flash is so important!

What do D3, D4 owners think? Are there no such times, that a little fill flash may help?

Does the built in flash really compromise the "Professional" image of the D3, D4 so much?
My D700 built in flash has not died yet...

I admit I am not a professional photojournalist. But doesn't a big SB910 pull on the hot shoe if

they are violently banged towards each other? Can't the hotshoe be damaged?

In addition to the other comments, the pop-up flash changes the housing geometry.  It can make things like tilt-shirt lenses more difficult to use.  There are probably other things as well.  I think when you put it all together Nikon feels that this camera is for working pros and a pop-up flash has more negatives than positives.

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