Photography vs console video games: The better long term investment?

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Re: Photography vs console video games: The better long term investment?

TheChefs wrote:

None of them are investment. They are way of keeping us busy and wasting our resources and time which could be spent on more productive activities. That's what hobbies are to allow us unwind.

What does productive mean? You miss the point of life. By your standards, nothing matters. Even a job is worthless once you are dead. What should matter is how much your goings on improve your quality of life. Who cares how much money you had if you were miserable. Who cares how famous you were if you never had any enjoyment. All we have is time, then we die. A successful life, by my definition, is a happy one. Nothing else matters. So if this guy is happy, who are you to judge his hobby?

And like above poster said you sound like have addictive personality and will waste a lot of your time and money on any new hobby.

An investment are shares, real estate/properties, precious metals etc... things which appreciate in value based on speculation etc. They can drop in value as well, so you can end up being rich or poor. But with enough calculated risk you end up being rich.

Again, worthless if you don't have any fun doing so. You place far too much worth in money. It is only as valuable as the enjoyment it can bring you, and some people would rather not spend 99% of their time working.

Both video games and photography are going to make you both, money and time poor. Terrible investments. Just like any other hobby really.

And again, horrible opinion. They are perfect investments if the person enjoys their time. You claim they sound like they have an addictive personality. I think you sound like a greedy boring human.

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