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Terry Breedlove wrote:

Nothing wrong with the 5 and if it wasn't stolen from me i wouldn't be looking for a replacement right now. However it was stolen and i want a new camera. We just have more options now features wise. The technology keeps moving along. .

" 1/8000 shutter speed. Outside of that, I can't say that it produces better photos than the EM5."

Yep and that is the reason why i never added the EM-1 to my kit.

I would buy a refurbished E-M5 and then sell if something better comes out later on this year.  I see ones for as low as $619 on Amazon.  It's not just the weather sealing that is important, the 5 axis IBIS is great.  Focus peaking is coming for the E-M5 in a software update.  WIFI, well can't people just to download to the ipad or Android?  I've never understood the need for that, but maybe that is just me.  But the good IBIS is one feature that is worth its weight in gold.  I've taken photos at a half a second that I would never get even with one of the vaunted Fuji or FF cameras.

The only reason I would consider getting the E-M1 if it goes down to $999 is because of the even better IBIS.

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