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Re: Hot spotting - the cause?

As a matter of personal explanation.  I thought it fair to re-try the Zykkor FD to EF adapter on the Speed Booster with a canon FL 50 f1.4 lens as a matter of balance.

In normal light there is no sign of any spotting, hotspot or any other problem the image is just quite soft and not very good at all.  I have not really used the Zykkor much - it was designed to use FD leans on a Canon EF dslr system.  It does this reasonably well.  However it does not combine well with the Speed Booster (nor was it ever meant to do this).  I have no complaints whatsoever with the Speed Booster when used in conjunction with my Sony NEX6 body directly to mount Canon EF lenses.  Nor is there a problem in using the same lens FL with an RJ FD to NEX focal reducer.

Obviously there is a mis-match in the optics between the Speed Booster and the Zykkor glassed adapter.  However there was never any intention or need to use these two adapters in direct conjunction. It was merely a test exercise and no conclusions adverse or otherwise can be drawn.

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