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Re: A6000 - losing touch

It is so good to see that others are frustrated by the lack of touch LCD screens on these cameras. It seems like such a simple solution that people who don't want a touch screen can disable that feature. The presence or lack of a touch screen is one of the most important decisions I'm making with my next camera purchase to replace my Sony Nex 5N.

The touch screen functionality allows me to take photos significantly faster than non-touch screen cameras with my line of work. I primarily take product photos of Transformers action figures. It is very important that I be able to tap the screen to focus on the toy's head. I take hundreds of photos of each toy (my galleries can be seen at http://www.seibertron.com/transformers-toys/galleries/new/ ) ... the touch screen (and albeit the speed of the Nex 5 camera itself) enables me to plow through my work. I've been able to double the amount of galleries that I can add in a year's time than I was with previous Sony cameras such as the advanced Cybershot cameras like the HX-1.

I'm really bummed that only the replacement for the Nex 3, the a5000, will have a touch screen. If I've read up on my cameras correctly, the a6000 is the replacement for the Nex 5n/5t, and will unfortunately not have the touch screen. I just invested in the nice flash for my 5n which I was looking forward to carrying on to my next alpha/Nex e-mount camera. It seems silly to buy the 5t to replace a 5n but I think that's what I'm going to have to do because I'd like something nicer than the entry level camera comparable to a Nex-3.

Since January 2012:

Detected Camera model : NEX-5N
Shutter actuations made up to file DSC01079.JPG: 133349
| | | | Sony_Tag9050_0x0032 = 229
| | | | Sony_Tag9050_0x0033 = 8
| | | | Sony_Tag9050_0x0034 = 2
(65536 * 2) + (256 * 8) + 229 = 133349

As you can see above, I get quite a bit of use out of my cameras. The amount of work I can get done with a touch LCD versus one without is tremendous.

Manually selecting a focus point for each shot I do is a nightmare, but with a touch LCD it is a piece of cake!

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