Micro Four Thirds Focal Reducer Shootout

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Re: Micro Four Thirds Focal Reducer Shootout

s_grins wrote:

"50mm f/1.4 Nikon G lens (wide open) attached to: 1) the Light Cannon by Vizelex; 2) the Lens Turbo by Zhongyi; 3) the R.J. Focal Reducer; and 4) the Speed Booster by Metabones."

Why such a simple thing has to be so complex? Did you have a problem with selecting just a equal M43 lens?

I'm still can't fathom the depth of idea behind setup

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Umm, you seem to have completely missed what these focal reducers do.  They are designed to adapt full frame or (some) APS-C lenses to smaller formats by shrinking the image circle, which has the added benefit of reducing the effective aperture of the lens.  You couldn't attach an MFT lens to a focal reducer because it would make the image circle smaller than the sensor.

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