Micro Four Thirds Focal Reducer Shootout

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Re: Given your clear vested interest in the results......

dougjgreen1 wrote:

tomtom50 wrote:

dougjgreen1 wrote:

How can we know that you tested equally representative samples of each of these items? Other than the Light Cannon, which is clearly an inferior product, the differences - especially between the Speed Booster and the Lens Turbo, are quite subtle and could easily be explained by sample variations.

How do we know you didn't test a cherry-picked sample of the Speed Booster? It's fairly common practice to use an internally screened sample of one's own product for benchmarking purposes.

How would a tester know they had equally representative copies of two products? In theory he could buy a large number, test them until some sort of bell curve emerged, and compare using median samples.

I think we can safely assume that wasn't done as it would be cost-prohibitive merely to back up a forum post!

On the other hand he disclosed himself as the designer, and Lens Turbo performed pretty decently in the test. He has earned the benefit of my doubt.

I don't think that you can assume at all that this was done strictly as a forum post. What leads you to believe that this was not done as a guerrilla marketing exercise by Metabones the company, funded by Metabones?

Don't get me wrong - I have no issue with the tests themselves, they seem to be perfectly appropriate. But it's naive to think that the poster here just did this out of his own intellectual curiosity and with products he just happened to acquire as a private individual as you or I might. His disclosure about who he is almost certainly makes it clear that this is NOT the case. Which is why I asked a simple question - how were the sample units for each brand obtained? And note that this question has not, as yet been answered. I wonder why, if in fact the OP simply purchased individual production-rev. products for ALL 4 items on the open market, and tested them straight out of the box, why they did not in fact simply say that? Because I'm betting that's NOT how all 4 test subjects were obtained. I simply want to know how these 4 tested units were acquired, in order to draw my own conclusion about the legitimacy of the comparison and whether there was any underlying sampling bias prior to the tests being carried out.

Financial interest is certainly a theoretical possibility, assuming that Dr. Caldwell gets a cut of each unit sold as opposed to having been hired strictly as a design consultant.  Of course another equally plausible possibility is that he's simply proud of the good work that he did and perhaps a little chapped at all of the copycat companies who took his basic idea but executed it poorly due to their relative lack of expertise.

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