Micro Four Thirds Focal Reducer Shootout

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Re: so was it your job to ...

Kim Letkeman wrote

Looks like you know your stuff.

I think that's a safe bet:

"Brian Caldwell earned a Ph.D. in Optics from The University of Rochester in 1988.

He has 30 years experience in the fields of lens design and optical engineering, with more than 100 different manufactured products to his credit.

In 1988 he founded Optical Data Solutions to develop LensVIEW, an extensive database of more than 30,000 optical designs from the patent literature. After working as an optical designer first at Projectavision and then at Concord Camera he founded Caldwell Photographic Inc. in 2001 to do independent consulting, and to develop and manufacture optical products.

Commercial products designed by Dr. Caldwell include a 60mm UV-VIS-IR apochromat licensed for manufacture by Jenoptik Optical Systems, a series of 12 high speed cine lenses for the new Panavision 70mm digital cine camera, and a universal photographic focal reducer currently marketed by Metabones as the Speed Booster."

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