Why 'more or less stopped using ISO'?

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Re: Maybe this will help.

crames wrote:

Only if you know how to convert to XYZ, where Y is luminance. CIE states that brightness is relative luminance. Relative luminance is defined as photometric luminance normalized to 0..100 in such a way that reference white is 100.

No, Brightness is an absolute percept, not relative. Relative Brightness is called Lightness.

If you're working in HSV, to be sure.

If you're a conceptual analyst then you can argue that this is a technical definition of the term 'brightness' bearing a metaphoric-at-best relationship to the ordinary language term "brightness", which is primal.

If you're an engineer, then you can argue that there's no significant difference between the two things by appeal to the argument-from-authority (e.g., "a standards organization said so").

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