Mirrorless Spanked at 2014 World Press Photo Comp.

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Re: Mirrorless Spanked at 2014 World Press Photo Comp.

NexOffender wrote:

rj conklin wrote:

it really doesn't matter what the world press comp. thinks---mirrorless will replace mirrors like jets replaced propellers.

Data doesnt influence your life much does it?

And you seem to believe anything that is presented as data which supports your opinions. A sample size of 55 people is not enough to make any inferences about the millions of photographers in the world, especially when everyone in the sample group is from a specific subset of photographers (professional press photographers).

The fact that you would even start a thread crowing about such an irrelevant piece of data, along with the other similar threads you have created speaks volumes about how insecure you are about mirrorless cameras.

I don't think that he's particularly insecure. He's a good photographer, he's intelligent, but he has a very low opinion of many people seems to be addicted to doing whatever is necessary to savor the flavor of schadenfreude. I assume that he still owns or uses his mirrorless X100 and X10, but maybe not.

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