Shooting in Varanasi with the X-Pro1

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Re: thanks for the feedbacks

Sebks wrote:

Hi Seb,

I just stumbled upon this thread searching for a different post on Varanasi...

Really interesting pictures.

However, some do make me a little uncomfortable as I wonder if you paid beggars & 'holymen' for their photo? Forgive the assumption if I'm wrong.

Though, I must say, you are obviously skilled and your pictures have a fantastic style, and the black & white does work surprisingly well for such a colourful place. I especially love that first image.

I hope we get to see your U.P lost village shots. Please - especially if you could post in the travel or street sections as, frankly, I don't give a damn what camera people use! Though, sadly, you won't get anywhere near the amount of views & feedback as here :/

And for the lack of women... Yes, and I regret it! The thing is that Indian women are more "photo shy" than men, and don't always appreciate to be taken in picture. I've stopped trying after seeing a few of them embarrassed by my requests...


Regarding above comment:

Indian women...Photo Shy?! I don't know how you can possible think so....



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