1st Impressions on my 1st Night with the X-T1

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1st Impressions on my 1st Night with the X-T1

So here I am, having divested myself of ALL of my micro 4/3rd gear and moving into the X-T1 along with their 18-55 kit lens and 2 I'll be getting tomorrow and posting some impressions on tomorrow night (the 24mm f1.4 and 55-200). So here goes.

First and foremost it is smaller and lighter than what I expected. I'd say actually a tad lighter than the EM1 I just parted with. All of the switchgear and buttons are as I expected from Fuji, tight and precise. It has taken just a little while to get used to the lay of the land regarding the switches and buttons, but frankly it didn't take long. What a trip to just be able to turn a knob and have the ISO changed. I'm getting such a kick out of changing the F stop via the lens. Never had that before. The lens too is much smaller than I expected but just as well built as the 12-40 f2.8Pro Zuiko which was originally $1200.

Love the screen and ohhhhh that viewfinder. I figured I'd just take it in stride, but it's like going to an IMAX theater after having typically gone to your small neighborhood movie place. Vast open area repleat with information galore and oh the color accuracy. I can see why they say it may well convert OVF fanatics over. The feel of the shutter button is completely different than the OMD. It has a distinct distance for lock, and then you KNOW when you are taking the picture . The SD card door is MUCH easier to open and close and is not fiddly like the OMD was. Every physical aspect of the body just transmits quality and exactness. I can't wait to slap that grip on as frankly I'm used to having one and it feels a bit naked

Ok so lets get to some MEAT. Focus speed. I felt for the most part it was NO different than the OMD. I suppose thats not a bad thing considering for the most part, low light aside, it was pretty instant. The X-T1 is for me a notch better in lower light. It did not hunt and hesitate as the OMD did in the same light I'm used to testing in my living room. I didn't mess with the factory settings as yet but will likely download Picturecode's PhotoNinja in a little while and shoot RAW. These shots I will show were all factory settings and Jpegs. Even these are enough to impress. In a print size they would present as pretty much flawless. Most of the shots I'm showing below are higher ISO's, typically 6400 and a few 5000. Quite impressive and very much in line with the Canon 6D I tested.

This camera does indeed present a file very much like a FF camera does. There is a buttery smooth aspect to it. Not the huge depth of field flat look of the Micro 4/3rd. I will really enjoy this I think after having dealt with that for the last 5 years. I will post more pics tomorrow night and give more impressions as I go. But so far it is a very unique tool. Personality wise it's somewhere in between the Micro 4/3rd, and a FF Leica. So without further adeu, here are some pics, most of which as I mentioned are higher ISO and are crops as well to reveal some pretty interesting detail in some place. The last one is my favorite. A crop in poor light and yet it reveals nearly NO noise and great detail and color. The EM1 fell apart under these same circumstances.



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