EM5 outdated tech

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What's wrong with the EM5?

After a couple of months of having the EM1, I've decided that I will keep my EM5.

Focus peaking, which the EM1 has, has not proven to be very useful, especially if you're using fast lenses where genuine DOF is shown in the VF (EM1 and EM5), and that makes for a better focus indication because you can see the progression of in focus to out of focus. Focus peaking is strictly on/off, doesn't give you a good feel for how much is in focus, and tends to distract from the natural DOF preview.

Wi-fi... haven't had an opportunity to use it.

Noise - the EM5 is actually better than the EM1 in that regard, for very dark scenes like night sky shots. That was a surprise.

And, oh heck, the EM5 is a classic. It touched off two rages: small DSLR's and retro DSLR's.

And, it's a darn good little camera. Only reason I got the EM1 was to AF my ZD lenses, and the 1/8000 shutter speed. Outside of that, I can't say that it produces better photos than the EM5.

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