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Re: Burst Frames - X-S1/HS50

jcmarfilph wrote:

Kawika Nui wrote:

You are right about the idiocy of limiting burst depth to a handful of shots. Yet many makers do this. FujiS9400/S9200: limit 10 frames. Nikon P510, P520: limit 7 frames. Canon HS50: as you said. FZ70: similar.

So far Panasonic FZ150 & FZ200 are the only superzooms I've found that can deliver decent burst rate and depth. About 25 frames at full resolution (5.5fps or 12fps).

How is that possible when the maximum is only 12fps?

Very simple.  The camera shoots at 12fps for a bit over two seconds, thus generating about 25 images.  Simple math.

It has to pause to clear the buffer before it can fire again

Yes, after filling the buffer with about 25 images.

and in this regard, HS50 is faster than any superzoom camera.

Not according to the specs provided by Fuji.

Shoot in burst RAW then FZ will be much slower.

No, in fact is it not slower.  Best not to speculate if you haven't tested the camera and double-checked the spec sheet.

Also both have full HD1080p60 video.

So as HS50.

That's nice to know.  Fuji's own spec sheet (on the Fuji site) doesn't bother to say if it's 1080p60 or 1080i60.

Canon G16 has good burst, but of course it's not a superzoom.

It's hard to understand why anyone would make a camera so good in every other respect and then give it a ludicrously small buffer. And as you've found, it requires a lot of digging to get the buffer depth (even as they tout the burst rate, which without decent depth is useless).

Even DSLRs & MFTs are similar. Canon is usually pretty slow in terms of fps. Pentax has done a good job with high rates and decenrt buffer (K-5, K-3). GH3 is very nice, too. But so often a really great camera is put out with either low burst rate (Canon) or small buffer, or both.

-=[ Joms ]=-

I've gotta say, the tone of your comments seems a tad belligerent.  No reason to be that way.

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