ISO vs. Image Quality

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Re: ISO vs. Image Quality

As noted, most people on this forum are interested in FX cameras. There is a perception that FX cameras do better at high ISO. This was true when the first FX cameras came out and the photosites were larger, resulting in better high ISO performance.

I believe the D7000 came out after the D3 redefined high ISO levels, and did very well for a DX camera. The D7100 is the next version. I never tried either one, but I would expect you could use it at fairly high ISO levels. The specs for the D7100 call for native ISO levels up to 6400.

Basing my comments on the D3 and D4, I would expect that you could get quite usable images from anything within the native ISO range for the camera. That doesn't mean no noise, but Lightroom does a fair job of noise reduction.

It all comes down to how sensitive you are to noise in your images. That will depend in part on just what you are using your images for. Selling them? Probably noise sensitive. Posting them online? Probably not noise sensitive. Small prints, not noise sensitive. Large prints, maybe.

I do a fair amount of photojournalism with my D4. I regularly use ISO up to 10,000 with no problems (they do take some noise reduction in LR). But the images are mostly used in newspapers or web-based newsletters. They can be strongly downsampled.

I used to have a D200. It was not a high ISO performer. 400 was my normal level and 800 was no real problem. 1600 was OK with some processing.

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