Minimum shutterspeed Fuji 23mm lens

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Re: Minimum shutterspeed Fuji 23mm lens

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Very interesting, I nearly started a thread on this.

I think minimum shutter speed is one of the disadvantages of smaller formats; before Fuji enabled min speed in Auto ISO, it used to default to 1/F where the F is full-frame equivalent - so with the 35mm, it would go to 1/52.

Now, I don't have fun with that 1/F. In my experience, it works a lot better with 1/(full frame F + APS-C F), which would make the 35 require 1/(35 + 50) = 1/85; in practice, 1/100 (and I notice that Bert Stephani uses this too).

For the 23, 1/(23 + 35) = 1/58, so I use 1/60 as a minimum and that's fine - as your JPG shows. The real mystery you have is why the default output from RAW is not sharp - what are you using to post-process?


Do you use the defaults on import? (Sharpening amount 25, Radius 1.0)


Try sharpen 30 detail 50.

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