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Re: perfect setup

juvx wrote:

novice camera girl wrote:

sorry to be honest, not sure i understand your message,. i am a novice for sure,

what I really is to stick with a Fuji and or sony or an Olympus

and what I want the camera to do and have is


tilt lcd screen

want zoom enough to take landscape pics etc, but I am not a photographer it more for when i am travelling and seeing the sites

want to take veryg ood indoor low light pics

want to take pics of fast moving things again when I am on vacation or watching my nephews play a sport of some kind, so this is not goingto happen at all times

want to take really good outdoor pics of course

and want to take continuous shots - like one after the other if there is something to take when i am on vacation

I believe I have mentioned everything that is important to me...I dontmind spending over a 1000 but dont want to carry anything heavy and or maybe a mirror less camera but what one is what I am having a problem with that's why I mentioned these 3 brands..


thanks so much

I have the perfect setup for you but its a bit more than 1000$

Fuji X-e2 with the excellent 18-55mm F2.8-4 kit lens (probably the best kit lens of ANY camera on the market)

Fujifilm XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 Zoom Lens

Lensmate thumbgrip

Lensmate shutter button.

Iv seen people take excellent nature photos of birds in flight etc etc. It fulfills ALL your conditions other than the flippy screen but that really shouldnt be a priority.

You are looking at about 1700-1800$ total for everything. But you don't have to get it all at once. If thats too much then just get the A6000 when it comes out. Looks like a beast and probably the best camera money can buy for 800$ for the kit and another 400 for a zoom lens.

The reason i chose Fuji is because the lenses are spectacular. Its very good in low light. Iv owned both sony and fuji and i like the fuji image quality (especially the colors) a bit better.

I would actually recommend the new X-t1 but that might be stretching your budget way too much.

Another advantage of Fuji for casual shooter who don't want to do a lot of post processing is that  they have always known how to make pleasing photos, going back to their films. You'll get beautiful jpgs right out of camera.

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