Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

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Re: Nikon D800E or Canon 5d Mark 3 ?!

Skytalker wrote:

I would definitely go for the Canon 5D mk3. First because it is a better all rounder than the D800, and second the overall image quality is better. Even the DR , that is so praised on the D800, is better on the Canon starting with ISO 600 I believe (check DXOmark for the comparison).

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In your dreams!!!!

D800 hides noise better than 5D3 because it has more pixels. You have to zoom in quite a bit more to see noise in D800. If you print both files to the same size D800 can actually be one stop better. Most people don't know how to compare noise and zoom in to 200% without realizing that D800 files are much larger. 5D3 has banding if you try to recover underexposed areas. D800 does not have any banding and you can recover from like 6 stops or more.

D800 has better metering. Take two identical picture at the same setting with both cameras side by side and you will see that D800 (all new Nikons actually compared to new Canons) will be at least 1/2 stop brighter. That means if you want to "equalize" you need to underexpose D800 by increasing the shutter speed. So in low light situation like if you shoot 1/60 with 5D3 you can dial 1/90 with D800 and get identical images. Faster speed is always better.

D800 has faster shutter lag of .04 sec vs 5D3 .06 sec. That means you can catch some action without resorting to spray and pray. And yes, .02 sec is significant.

D800 can focus in much lower light than 5D3. In some other thread I posted a little story what happened on the red carpet few weeks ago. In short, people with 5D3 were totally screwed because of the low light. But I did not have any problems at all.

All controls on D800 are on outside. No need to dig in to the menus.

Like I said D800 is a shooter's camera, the one you can rely on in any situation and 5D3 is just a jack of all trades, master of none.

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