NX1 rumours - for what it's worth...

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Re: NX1 rumours - for what it's worth...

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Lets get some more rumours in here ^_^.


Pay attention to the comments as well.

I still don't think it will run Android though, and my reasoning here is not entirely baseless.

I could see it running on android iknow the galaxy camera has not been well taken but I am beginning to see that that is the way to go for future cameras and I have read a lot of posts by people on here saying that samsung needs a game changer and if they get it right it will be a game changer. As for the pro market would this not be good for reportage photographer's? Upload your pics straight to an editor as it happens.

The thing is, using Android will be detrimental the performance of the camera (I know some here might argue otherwise, but this is a statement I'll stand buy)

I think the existence of rather demanding devices out there doing some heavy lifting in terms of processing and other functions does tend to argue for itself.

Not with a good argument, see my other reply and later in this post.

and Tizen is just as capable for uploading pics straight to an editor. Samsung has been making a push to get Tizen out on phones, TVs, and cameras for a reason.

Yes, they want autonomy vs. Google's OS. I can understand that, but I am wholly underwhelmed by Tizen on the NX300 and it has a ways to go before before there's scalable app support to rival Android, I suspect.

News flash, I thought we wanted a good camera?  If I wanted a good phone, or a good gaming device, there are other places I would be looking than my camera.  I'm not saying having support for those things would be bad, but first thing is first and this is not an area where I think it is wise to compromise.

Of course it is possible they may change course if Tizen is flopping too heavily in the phone market (due perhaps to things like lacking an app library like Android's, though despite there being a lot of apps, it doesn't feel to me like there are very many good ones out there for any phone yet). I don't think there is a way to get Android right on a camera without rewriting most of the OS. Maybe I'm wrong though.

I don't see how it needs major rewriting. It just needs a proper shell that shuts down resource draw except the use of the camera.

What's your plan for shutting things down?  To start with, things need to be shut down nicely or it won't fly.  If you don't shut things down nicely, then people will be upset all the time because things they expect to be ticking in the background are getting demolished when they switch to the camera.  If you want to do it nicely, then you could be waiting on any number of hanging process that don't want to die.  Switching to camera mode will not be a snappy process.  There's also a lot more to it than just that.

Alternatively you could keep those things shut down all the time, but then there was very little point in using Android at all, since you're ditching all of the benefits.

If you can twitch game on an 8 core CPU with heavy 3D graphics that rival a PS Vita at current tech levels, I don't see why it can't fire a shutter without lag. The processor and image pipeline engine just need code to fit them into Android.

I don't see how pointing out that an 8 core CPU running Android at a decent clip means anything.  Think about what you just said, it's an 8 bloody core CPU (the modern ones that I assume you're referring to are boasting decent clock speeds too), it had better be able to run Android without bogging down.  I'll actually wager that were Windows 8 compiled for ARM it would run that too without any major slow downs (Win 8 runs fine on even a 1.2 GHz dual core).  PS Vita by the way is a 4 core A9 processor.. I would expect the newer and faster 8 cores to handle their own against.  The fact that you say it merely rivals the Vita instead of blowing it out of the water is evidence of Android being less than optimal.

And we need real buffers.

No argument there, lol.

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