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Re: On Stock here

JYPfoto wrote:

etto72 wrote:


Just ordered one

as soon as i get the shipping confirmation i will cancel ma amazon preorder

Thanks for this. Just saw that the kit shows in stock and shows 5 left in stock. Just placed my order with overnight delivery. As soon as I get confirmation of shipping, I'll cancel my order from B&H.

Edit: Someone else must've seen this because when I ordered it showed 5 in stock, now it shows 3. Hurry!

I went ahead and canceled my order with Samy's.  Placed it yesterday, expecting shipment today with a tracking number,  when I didn't get one, I called them just now.  They must have one person working the phones for online sales because I spent over 35 minutes on hold with them.  Apparently it didn't ship because they needed further verification (this was my first time ever ordering from them and probably me requesting shipment to my work address worried them).  Funny thing is no one ever contacted me about it.

in the meantime, my order status from B&H now shows 'In stock, sent to warehouse'.  hopefully that means it'll ship soon.

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