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Re: Retail Price

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Apparently it costs more to ship to Europe, or we got a seasalt-tax. The only price I have seen so far is 449 EURO's in NL. A money exchange bureau would be happy with such a US$ to EUR conversion profit...

Ouch!! That’s US $615. The price in Australia for the TZ60 is Au $600 (US $540), and in the UK it is GBP 350 (US $585). It’s hard to understand how such large differences in prices can be justified.


Ah, wait, they just changed it to 399 EUR (excl shipping) in NL, which is about US$546, still about US$100 more than the US price...

Like I said, my only guess to the price difference is the seasalt-tax. We have to pay for all the extra seasalt that is accumulated on the way here by boat...

Well, the cameras are made in Japan, so the shipping distances don’t account for the differences. Maybe the sea is much saltier near the Netherlands?

Getting back to reality, we pay 10% GST (= VAT) but that only explains half of the difference. I think though that in Europe your VAT is even higher.

Well, I must admit, we pay 21% VAT in NL, which does take a bite...

20% in UK. All retail prices are quoted inclusive of tax

So, comparing USA price at $449:

Europe: US $449 x 1.21 (VAT) = US $543; price in NL 399 EUR = US $546; so about the same.

UK: US $449 x 1.20 (VAT) = US $539; price in UK 350 GBP = US $585; so US $46 more in UK.

Australia: US $449 x 1.10 (GST) = US 494; price in Aust Au $600 = US $540; so US $46 more in Aust.

It seems that the extra cost in Aust and the UK is about the same, at US $46.


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