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Re: OM mount

brian wrote:

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So why did they make an FD speedbooster then? Contax/Yashica?

The OM mount makes more sense than any other mount. Metabones would have made more sales on the OM speedbooster than the C/Y.

I think even though both FD and OM are no more, there are far more FD's out there due to Canon being a much larger user base, so it makes sense to sell to the larger audience. I agree they should have made both, but id imagine it has to be convincing before the R&D is started.

Ask Brian? The oracle started this thread, otherwsie we are just flapping our keyboards.

I don't know but I think that there are some bits that stick out of the back of OM lenses that complicate matters.

I would like to see Metabones come out with an OM version. However, I'm not directly affiliated with the company so I don't know what their plans are regarding this. I do recall that some of the OM lenses presented more of an interference issue than other brands such as Nikon.

I think to those with a lot of old lenses of various mounts, Canon EF is most logical since it adapts OM, K, M42, F etc.

Of course the reason is the shorter flange distance. Is the shorter flange distance preventing Metabones from making an EF mount version? Can the optics fit in an EF spaced adapter?

Another possibility is that making an EF which adapts most other lenses eats into their profits if they can sell multiple adapters to people instead of a more universal one.

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