That 56/1.2 is tempting...

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Re: That 56/1.2 is tempting...

marco1974 wrote:

To prove this point, of course, it is sufficient to note that "a proper 75-85mm" is only a 'normal' lens on a 645 medium format camera (FoV ~45º), and the same lens is an ULTRA-WIDE ANGLE (FoV ~ 80º) on 4x5"!


the same lens... ??? no

the same focal length... yes

Why ?

put a 35mm camera lens with 90mm focal length on a 4x5'' camera and look at the screen ... what you see there is an image circle of 44mm diameter.
This is truly not a Ultra WA on 4x5''...

I have a 4x5'' Linhof and also a 5.6/90mm Super-Angulon, a WA lens with 235mm image circle diameter...   a completely different lens than a 90mm for a 35mm camera.

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