X-T1 jpg quality question

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Re: X-T1 jpg quality question

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This is a question for those who already have the camera. As the X-T1 has the same sensor and jpg engine as the X-E2 and X100s I suppose it is also prone to show those waxy smoothened skin tones, that many disliked. Or does it behave differently?


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I don't own either camera, I have an X-E1 but I wish someone would post some examples, with EXIF data, of this waxy skin tone problem.

I'm not saying anyone is being overly critical, of the new cameras, but find it hard to believe that Fuji JPEGs would have this problem and sometimes wonder if people aren't simply repeating an opinion that isn't shared by the majority.

Seems like any post, where an individual has a problem, turns into a slam about Fuji.

I'd almost bet that if I posted that my camera had a paint chip, there would be 20 people who would chime in and say the paint job on Fuji cameras was inferior to X, Y, Z brand.

Naturally, I could be 100% wrong about the waxy skin issue but I, personally, have never seen a sample, with EXIF data, posted.

Link: Fuji X100s Ugly Noise Reduction + Why I'm Only Shooting RAW Now

umm, just shoot people shots (jpegs) at iso 200 it seems. This looks bad but it's nothing but a firmware fix.

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