Does anyone else find A77 jpegs utterly horrible?

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Re: Does anyone else find A77 jpegs utterly horrible?

EvilOne wrote:

I see that troll feeding is alive and well here. So many good photographers who post here seem to be saying the same things.. As I always say its not the gun its the gunner. With the A77 being the most popular camera of all the Sony cameras in this forum, it would be hard to say that so many people are out of step together, as the op seems to think.

I think putting down the magnifying glass, and picking up a book on photography using the A77 would be a step in the right direction. Just a suggestion.

I have no idea why you are calling me a troll, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory stuff for their own enjoyment. I do not enjoy posting, I would rather use my camera and take pictures I am happy with.

I have a very expensive camera which to me produces images of suspicious quality - if it is just skill, sure, but maybe my camera is defective, this is why I am asking on this forum.

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