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Re: X-T1 jpg quality question

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The simple truth is the test is extremely easy. You take a portrait at iso 6400 in raw + jpg and output the raw in your favourite program and compare with the jpg OOC. Whilst the plastic skin effect may not be obvious on a very young baby a pic of anyone over the age of 30 will show the problem very clearly. You keep insisting on someone showing you the results - why don't you do the test for yourself and show us that it isn't a problem.

I have an XP 1, X100s and X100. It is very visible over iso 1600 on the X100s and not only on skin tones but other shades in the yellow part of the colour gamut especially light coloured wooden objects. The only solution is to shoot raw.

If you have an X100S or XE 1 then show us your results if you do not believe what other people are saying.

That's why I've asked for someone to post portrait examples, with EXIF data, that shows the "waxy" facial features. I don't own an X-E2 or an X-T1 so I have no way of checking for myself.

As I've already said, I read lots of complaints but have seen no properly exposed portraits, showing this problem, on this forum.

With all the experts that have responded in this thread, there still hasn't been a viable example posted.

Now I'm getting that it only applies to people over 30????????????????

I will agree that the high ISO X-E2 portrait may be a little softer than the X-E1 but I've still not seen an example of the waxy appearance some people complain about and I'm beginning to think no one has seen an example.

Here's a sample at ISO 1600, but she's definitely under 30. 1600 is as high as I would ever shoot JPEG.

Yes, that's because you have an X-E2.

For the rest of the entire industry using Fuji X cams shooting ISO 3200 and 6400 is absolutely fine because the quality of the jpeg images produced are superb. This is one of the most significant strengths of the Fuji system.

Ridiculously good true to life skin tones and color rendering and tonality at ISO 3200 and even at 6400 is totally the norm .... but I do agree with you that if you have an X-E2 then things are very different indeed.

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