I don't think the A77 needs to be replaced this year, here is why.

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Re: EVF is garbage

tbcass wrote:

dlkeller wrote:

Good enough for what you want and blowing away all DSLRs are two different things. It may be good enough for me as well, but right now the jury is still out.

I have tried the A3000 in three different stores now and can't get the viewfinder diopter adjustment right for a sharp view. It isn't a case of going too far one way or another as I can go both ways with it, I just can't get it sharp, period. Haven't tried others yet because they aren't available anywhere near where I live. I didn't have this problem with the various SLT models I tried in the past.

The problem is the EVF is garbage so that's as sharp as it's going to get. For this camera they put a good sensor into a garbage camera body too keep costs down.

For the segment it's targeting, it makes sense! Use LCD and EVF only when needed, and only to confirm that the shot is framed. You *can* see histogram in it though... Hey! It's cheaper than a decent bridge, and it does WAYHAY better for both IQ and video !

I know several people that would be very happy with the A3000. In fact, a friend just spend $500 on a bridge he *though* was good. Not compared to this thing it's not!

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