D700 amateur user wonders why D4s has no built in flash

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Re: D700 amateur user wonders why D4s has no built in flash

RonFrank wrote:

A tiny on-board flash that can not be used because it produces red-eye, creates shadows, is blocked by some lenses.... kinda worthless. I use the built in flash in commander mode and powered off. The SU800 is the solution for controlling flash on a D4 body, or the SB800 has a commander mode as well.

Having the flash on my DSLR is not really a problem and having the commander mode is handy, but I can appreciate why many do not like it. So IMO the commander mode is useful but the flash.... no. If it was not included I would not miss it. If I used my camera under harsher conditions I would resent having a flimsy flash and I am surprised more do not break. From a pro perspective I can understand why a built in flash is a liability.

This is a funny topic to complain about. If you have the money to get a pro level bulk monster like the D4 I would think durability would be a top priority which leaves the flimsy on camera flash behind. I am kinda surprised I have never broken my built in flash and I use commander mode often. My first DSLR was a D1x and I shot professionally and never missed a built in flash as I generally used the fine Sb800.

If you are a working pro buy a D4s/D3s. If your a weekend warrior who feels a built in flash is necessary buy a D800, or D600. The D4s is a great tool, with a heavy, big, pro body made to take the abuse of daily use and blow through the shots when necessary. I can think of a few gripes related to the D4 but lack of a built-in flash, LOL!

I am always surprised that the d700 / d800 has it included. Cannon did not bother with the 5d. I would rather the weight and potential for failure is saved. i am not a fan of the cram every feature in irrespective of benefit (Also known as the samsung method)

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