I don't think the A77 needs to be replaced this year, here is why.

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Re: I don't think the A77 needs to be replaced this year, here is why.

sybersitizen wrote:

123Mike wrote:

dlkeller wrote:

Good enough for what you want and blowing away all DSLRs are two different things. It may be good enough for me as well, but right now the jury is still out.

I have tried the A3000 in three different stores now and can't get the viewfinder diopter adjustment right for a sharp view. It isn't a case of going too far one way or another as I can go both ways with it, I just can't get it sharp, period. Haven't tried others yet because they aren't available anywhere near where I live. I didn't have this problem with the various SLT models I tried in the past.

The EVF sucks on it. But myself, I *never* *ever* use a VF. I'm wearing glasses and it's awful squinting through a hole, while all the same, I can comfortable hold the camera in front of me. To photograph the kids and shoot video, I end up holding the camera low, at their level anyway. What would I otherwise do? Duck?

So, how about trying to see if you could adjust to using the LCD only...

A3000... EVF: miserable, absolutely useless (and I do use an EVF often); LCD: stuck permanently in one position; mount: needs adapter to use any lenses I own. No, thanks. I wouldn't use it if it was given to me. But of course it can be used and enjoyed by other people for their purposes.

I feel the same way about the lenses. But I *HAD* to try to move into that direction. The A6000 is just too exciting to pass up on. I've waited a while for something better, and the time has come. I always really enjoy getting new stuff like this, it's a big hobby, and I feel I have a responsibility of making good captures of the kids (but not breaking the bank at the same time, otherwise I'd be getting an A7 or A99).

Lens wise, the 18-55 E lens does make A-mount look pretty darn antiquated. It's much nicer. It's super quiet. It's light. The built quality is very good. It's snappy. It really seems very good!

I'm getting the EA2 adapter to give me access to the 55-300, 24-85RS, beercan, 17-50/2.8, and 35/1.8. I'll slowly will be looking for E alternatives...

As for A3000 specifically. Yes, I want that darn screen to pop out, but it can't. EVF is worse than my cell phone, and possibly worse than my cell phone from 4 years ago. It's on par with a barbie cam it seems. But for me that's ok, because I'm not a VF fan.

There are other things as well that become possible. A speed booster / focal reducer. Various other lens adapters. The Samyang fish eye 2.8 version is better than the 3.5 version.

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