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Re: Memes and Trolling

LaFonte wrote:

Fuji was also telling us about xpro1 as being fastest focusing camera with 0.005 s lag. This was also deceiving as it is using one real number (lag) to give impression of something else in this particular case the speed of auto focus. So no wonder people would complain that their world fastest focusing camera is somehow not that fast.

Yes, Fujifilm has claimed "world fastest autofocus" so many times that it has lost all meaning.

And don't forget that the goal of consumers is to consume, go and buy.

Yep.  Big time.  The hype machines are in full swing these days with rumor sites and professional bloggers nothing more than lightly disguised shill machines.

Repeatedly. We have very little to say about anything else so if a camera is hyped and it doesn't live to its hype then there are complains.

I think Fuji should start selling the cameras in more professional manner (the old canon.Nikon way) not the apple way. Bring up the real strengths, don't try to invent names and hyped technologies for the smallest least important things and for our sake stop the bs about world fastest, best or prettiest.

Absolutely agree.  Fujifilm should lose the snake oil.  It is transparent.

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