Remeber, Sharpness is not everything !

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Russell Evans wrote:

farnorthfocus wrote:

My take on people who worry at the sharpness of their lens today is that they are too influenced by their "modern" TELEVISION.

My take on people that worry at the sharpness of their lens today is that they are conscious of the detrimental affect higher ISO has and are looking not only at faster lenses to combat this, but also lenses that are sharper wide open to begin with. For those that are looking at other features of a lens, I would say also that people concerned with sharpness are also looking at those features and are also trading off value in one for value in another, and that there is no 'us" and "them" as much as everyone in this thread have so smugly assumed.

Thank you

With the performance of high ISO of DSLR we are not as much in need of speed, but at the same time with that performance at high ISO photographers now try photos in dimmer light than ever !

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