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Re: What a hilarious set of responses...

Rich Rosen wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

Truly, and every ounce of irony is missed by all but a few....

I love how some of the biggest nastiest posters here now gather together (as if that somehow gives them credibility) and dive into the "maturity barrel."

Too late. Df owners were attacked and belittled in thread after thread, often BEFORE I got involved in them. The remarks were as nasty as they were stupid.

Yesterday was the last straw. Some fellow posted a report that Nikon execs were happy with Df sales. Within 6 posts the Df was attacked for terrible AF (Like the terrible D610 AF) and being a "failure."

Ravduc, understandably frustrated, lashed out with a comment about jealousy and I support that comment. Now I'm certain some of you can afford a Df on a whim, but MOST can't. Too bad and I'm sorry. I'm also sorry if the Df wasn't built for you. That doesn't mean it's okay to chase every Df thread when you don't own or understand the camera.

And so I explained this, rather lucidly I thought, to Rich. He seems like a reasonable fellow and has generally been clear with me. But for some reason he defended the repetitive negative thread bashing from a small group of haters. Or rather, he was intent on suggesting that it never happened

Since you brought the subject of me up, let me respond: I did not defend the supposed transgressor (Curleyone). What I did, was bring ravduc to task for accusing curleyone of having some agenda for making his comment about the Af system. First; while not appropriate for the thread, Curleyone said he wished that the Df had a better Af system. He didn't say it was a failure; he just felt it could have been better. This site in its review of the Df felt that way. Curleyone was told by another member, who to his credit is no longer involved in this conversation, that it wasn't possible and his only alternative was get another camera. Ravduc, to his regret, lashed out with a statement that was not called for. He accused curleyone of being jealous because he could not afford the Df. In a later post ravduc admitted, to his credit, that his statement, was a product of frustration. Ravduc is a gentleman for admitting that. Read the thread and decide who is telling the truth. Its here: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/53140659

This is clearly a lie.

Read the thread.

Rich, with all due respect, the "failure" comment is in a different post, same thread. My point is that it's tough to have ANY positive thread on the Df without the same old people showing up to attack it. And that's what happened from two posters in that thread.

Did Ravduc overreact? I don't think so.

Have I taken it too personally by punching the D610 in the nose to prove a point? I know I haven't because all of the negativity here proves my view.

And still there are the types here who demand my censure, call me names and worse....all this does it makes them look terrible, insecure and childish. I'm not the one who's upset and crying about a single forum member. So there's no doubt about who's being level headed and then there's a small mob who now wish to pretend that they've been mature from the word go.

So again, I made a calm and factual set of comments about the D6XX. Imagine if I, along with a few others, did that in virtually EVERY thread about the D6XX.

What would you think about that, Rich? Now go back and look at the last 20 threads on the Df and see what you find.

So, to make a point I started a thread on the D6XX. Heck, I really don't like it. I do think it's cheap and can't see the point of it. But I never said that here because I understand that it FITS for others and why rain on the parade? Now I've said it, liking pulling off a bandaid slowly...it hurts.

Note that the D6XX owners (who were the biggest offenders in the "Df wars") are now crying all the way home about my remarks.

You think too much of yourself. I don't know of anyone who is crying about your remarks. Unlike you, I feel very secure in my purchase of the D600, as I did in my purchase of the D3 before that. I don't need and actually don't want your approval on my purchases.

Oh, Rich! C'mon, some guy is begging for me to leave. A whole bunch of posts are about ME and can't even focus on the simple and factual content. They ARE crying, reacting and overreacting.

I punched their poor little DSLR in the sensor and they can't take it for a second. But bashing the Df for eight weeks is just fine?

There may some anger about your remarks, but that anger is not because you don't like the D6xx. It exists because it was your intention attack people who you feel will not approve of your decisions.

Again, Rich. I suggest you go back and examine the Df threads and witness some of the comments made. It's going to take a serious stretch to interpret them as much more than trolls, haters and worse. But you be the judge.

Here's one from a recent thread...

""This camera is for idiots with a lot of money?" Sorry, but that's what the voice in your head is saying."

Comments like this were made again and again. And that's okay? And it's okay do keep doing it?

What happened here, Rich, is that I decided to cross the line. And I'm very glad that I did, though I was careful to respect the rules of the forum.


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