Decisions, Decisions: 10-24mm zoom or 14mm prime

Started Feb 20, 2014 | Discussions thread
Miamistan Forum Member • Posts: 68
got the 14mm

The reason I got the 14mm is because I also have the 18-55 and thought this is the perfect lightweight combo for travel. I have xe-1 and xe-2, I keep the 14 on xe-1 for scenics and the genereal purppse lens on the faster xe-2. I also have the 55-200 and while I like it its a pain carry. I ordered the 27mm fixed to go with the 14 when I want to travel really light. It wasn't money I just feel the 14mm is small enough to stay on body all the time and I thought the wide angel zoom would be a hunk of glass that got me away from why I started with Fuji.

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